What We Study

Our lab studies the molecular mechanisms of Progeria (HGPS)

We are interested in exploring the potential connections between normal aging and HGPS


Our goal is to identify differentially modified chromatin regions and differentially associated protein/DNA elements with lamin A and progerin in HGPS cells.

Stem Cell Biology

My group is interested in utilizing iPS cells, derived from primary skin fibroblast cells from HGPS patients, as a system to study HGPS pathogenesis in the context of tissue development.

Normal Aging

One of the most important biological questions in HGPS study is whether HGPS, a premature aging model, can be used to understand the normal aging process.

Meet The Team

We are a diverse research team focused on a common goal

The Fountain of Youth

Progeria may hold the key. Our research is leading the way!

Our Funding Partners